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Ubisoft's much-loved Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has finally been released to the public, after almost a year waiting in the wing. It was previously available on DS and consoles, where it was developed by Sword & Sworcery studio Capybara. This iOS version was ported by Tag Games.

To describe it simply, you lead an army of troops in turn-based battles, and command them to attack or defend by matching up three units of the same type and colour.

The game's got a monstrous 20-hour campaign, which follows five different heroes - Anwen, Godric, Fiona, Aidan, and Nadia - in their quest to save the world from demons. Each has its own faction of soldiers to command.

You can also lead those troops in multiplayer. In Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, you can engage in pass-the-handset fights, go face-to-face on the same iPad, or play asynchronous turn-based brawls online.

Key features

 - Enjoy a 20 hours campaign, featuring impressive graphics supported by Retina Display.
 - Master 10 heroes, 40 creatures with unique abilities and more than 50 artifacts.
 - Challenge your friends online or offline, in 1 vs. 1 or in the brand new asynchronous mode.
 - Smooth touch-based controls
 - Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your device
 - Multiple Cloud saves support
 - GameCenter Leaderboards
 - Supports the new iPhone 5 resolution

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Might & Magic Clash of Heroes Might & Magic Clash of Heroes
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