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After the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars, we knew that Rovio was a company that valued diversity quite highly.

Now, the developer of Angry Birds will be diversifying its portfolio even further as it tries its hand at publishing third party titles.

Rovio will publish Tiny Thief, a 2D puzzler that we've been following since last spring, for PC and iPad this May.

Petit larceny

At its heart a stealth puzzler, Tiny Thief takes the gritty realism out of the medieval stealth genre and replaces it with a cute, doll-like aesthetic.

As one would assume from the title, the point of Tiny Thief is to steal as much as possible without being caught.

It's not all skulking about in shadows or clambering up the sides of buildings, however. As the teaser below shows, the titular tiny thief is not afraid to release angry bears on would-be captors when the situation calls for it.


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