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Card RPG games are great to play on mobile platform. They are leisure, but also require tricks, and they can be paused, won’t be interrupted, make full use of your fragments of time. Lies Of Astaroth is a great looking card battle game and it really needs strategy. Of course it’s about collecting cards and battling other players, but this is a huger world than you think, there is more interesting to be expected.

Battle and Runes

It starts gathering cards like all the card games. The first difference of Lies Of Astaroth is the hero will join the battle, you win either your enemy’s hero runs out HP, or his cards are all defeated by you. There are no quests for newbie, you start to battle. It’s firstly hard to understand Lies Of Astaroth’s battle system, because you can fully control the order of your cards. In the beginning of first turn, the system will randomly choose two cards, and only one card can be selected to the battle. And in the following turns the system will release the cards one-by-one still randomly. But you can end current end to keep more cards in your hand, so that you can let the later cards go first. Of course you have to pay for the holding, your hero will be attacked by your enemy when you keep all cards in your hand. How to manage the order of your cards is important in battle, and you have to calculate the sacrifice

The Rune is also the key to defeat your enemy. You can equip 4 runes in total. Each rune gets its own feature, and each rune will only be activated by specified conditions. If you wanna activate Frost rune, there have to be three cards in your Cemetery. You can enchant runes to raise its level. The runes would be more harmful with their level raises. Runs can be collected just like how you collect cards, but they are more rare.

Cards and Cost

There are four classes of cards, Kingdom, Forest, Hell and Wilderness. Each card gets its special abilities. These specials will only be unlocked when the card is raised to specified levels, but all the cards are gained from level 0. You can use overtime card as material to enchant target cards, so how to raise your cards is something you to consider.

Each card has a cost value. When you are equipping your cards you have to pay attention to the costs of the cards. The cost will rise with the card’s level get raised. You have to calculate the total cost on the deck, it can not pass the maximum of the deck.

Maps and Maze

There are currently 10 maps in total now. You have to defeat each place so that you can unlock the next place on the map. You can defeat one place by three kinds of hardness. The first level of the hardness is Victory. The requests are all the same, defeat the enemy’s hero, or eliminate all its cards. Requests for Medium and Hard will be different for each place. Some requires you to win within specified turns, some would require you to save Hero’s HP at 90% or above to win the battle. The harder level you finished, the higher reward you will obtain. Once you finished first hardness, you could explore the place. You might collect rare cards, or encounter thieves, all these are randomly. And you should aware your Energy will reduce each time you take in a battle or explore a place. The Energy will recover a little each 10 minutes, so save it.

Sometimes you could encounter randomized Mazes in some maps. Developer may think it’s a nice new idea, but as I see, it just like another explore like in other maps. The Maze is simple, and there is not question you can go out, the only surprise is what you will meet or collect during you light each block. nothing new.

Graphic and music

The graphics are gorgeous as you can see, and effects in the battle are also shinning, but sadly the developer didn’t offer a nice sound track to match so nice graphics. Alll the trip only one sound track, and it’s making me sleepy! Hope the developer would notice that in next update.


Lies Of Astaroth is a great card game with MMORPG element, the powerful game system and great looking graphics really kick ass. And one thing I feel good in the game is, I wasn't bored by the in-app purchases. Unlike other freemium games, I didn't feel grounded everywhere. However I don’t know how long I will last. I hope they will bright news before I’ve tired with the exploration.

You can download Lies Of Astaroth on the iTunes Store for free from the link below.

Lies Of Astaroth Lies Of Astaroth
Lies of Astaroth is a free-to-play and highly addictive epic fantasy MMORPG battle card game!If you had only one word to describe Lies of Astaroth, it would be “Magical”.




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