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We have alerted you that KONAMI was gonna release official Contra game to iOS and Android. Well I am so glad to informed you that the game for iOS is gonna be released tomorrow. Renamed as Contra Evolution Revolution, the game will feature two new female roles, and lots features are revised for touch experience.

Developed by KONAMI China, it seems the game would be only released in China App Store. As far as we know, the game for Android have been released in China, but it's limited for specified carrier. We hope iOS version would not be released by that.

According to KONAMI China, Contra Evolution Revolution keeps lots features from NES version, engraved VC, four different roles, including two brand new female roles, but the graphics & system all have been enhanced, besides all these, level equipment system will be firstly add to the game as well. As you can see from the screenshots, no retro Mosaics like other ported games, that is awesome!

We have no idea whether it's gonna support English, probably not, but you know Contra, it's not that important! For control, it would support both virtual joystick mode, and up down lef right + AB mode. If 'up up down down left right left right B A' still works? I have no idea so far.

The Contra Evolution Revolution gameplay on iOS devices have leaked already, we have updated it on Youtube. Take a look, and do stay tuned for furthered information!

Update: Contra Evolution Revolution has been available on Pandaapp now, download it right now!


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