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With the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak still not released we thought we would share another small way to customize iOS without it. This time we will be moving applications into the Newsstand folder on the home screen with a simple glitch. Make sure to watch our video as it is easier to do after you see the process being done.


1. Place Newsstand on the second home screen page.

2. Place the app icons you want to move into it on the third page.

To preform the glitch perform the next three steps in rapid succession

3. Tap home button

4. Hold app icon

5. Your screen will shift to the first page, swipe to the second.

6. You know that you succeeded if you end in wiggle mode on the second page. Open the Newsstand folder and click the home button and the app will move in.

Restarting your device will move all the icons out of the Newsstand, this can be used to fix a mistake or ruin your mod so don’t forget.

via jailbreaknation.

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