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BOOM! No more waiting! The official iOS version of Contra - Contra Evolution Revolution now AVAILABLE on Pandaapp! Removed the most class game mode to iOS, brand new playable female characters, enhanced visuals, and custom weaponry, experience original FC Contra NOW! What are you waiting for!

The game package is 4 6mb large, compatible with iPad 2+, iphone 4+, and iPod touch 4+. And thankfully it supports English, you can change the language in the setting. You can choose both up down lef right + AB mode and virtual joystick + auto fire mode. Unfortunately, 'up up down down left right left right B A' do not work any for :X

You can now download Contra Evolution Revolution on Pandaapp right now! What are you waiting for!

Contra Evolution Revolution Contra Evolution Revolution
FC classic action shooter, now has been reborn on iOS!

Contra: EvolutionHD Contra: EvolutionHD
Moreover, the HD graphics and equipment system will provide a whole new experience in the world of Contra!

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