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Those of you that have been following the latest jailbreak trends know all about Auxo. It’s a very popular App Switcher solution that went from being a popular iOS concept to being a popular jailbreak tweak in a matter of months. The credit for designing the concept goes to Sentry_NC, and the credit for bringing the tweak to reality goes to J_W97 and JamieD360 for iOS 6 and iKy1e for iOS 5.

Auxo version 1.2-1 has been released today and brings several new features to the already feature-rich App Switcher. One of the new features is the addition of some brand new toggles for the toggle interface in Auxo:

The new toggles included with the update are Location Services, Flashlight, Vibration, and VPN. Also, not really a toggle, a Respring button has been added as a choice for the toggle interface. You can slide toggles in and out of the Auxo toggle interface and rearrange them similarly to how to slide apps and widgets in and out of Notification Center. Because of the additional toggles, Auxo makes three rows available instead of two to make room for any additional toggles you may want to enable.

Also new in the update, if you don’t use the music controls in the App Switcher that often, but you use the toggles page in the App Switcher a lot, you can now enable a new option that makes the toggle page the first page to the left of the App Switcher when you swipe left rather than the music controls:

Another important new feature in Auxo 1.2-1 is the VIP applications option. The VIP applications option allows you to select applications that won’t be closed from the App Switcher when you close all applications running in the background. There is a preferences pane in Auxo’s settings where you can select your VIP applications:

Last but not least, one of the final major additions to Auxo is the Activator integration. If you have Activator installed, you will now find two new options that you can set Activator actions to:

With these new options, you can quickly get to the Auxo music controls or Auxo toggle page using an Activator action of your choice. If you don’t use Activator, don’t worry! Auxo won’t force you install Activator as a dependency. You can still get to the music controls and toggle page simply by swiping left when you open the App Switcher.

Auxo continues to impress us with today’s update. If you are an existing owner of Auxo, the update is free to you. If you have not yet purchased Auxo, you can grab it for only $1.99 in the BigBoss repository today. Auxo supports the iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.1.1 or iOS 6+, however iPad support is coming in the future.

via modmyi via IDB

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