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Cydia tweats have brought many very useful functions to iOS before Apple make them offical in the next verison iOS, we have seen some creative concepts for the upcoming iOS 7, some of which will  no doubtedly be made into reality in the near future. And today here are some more new iOS 7 concepts we think could be reality in month by Apple, let's have a look:

The first concept shows a possible revision to the notification center that adds widgets and more clean user interface.

The second concept named ‘Lock Screen Drawer’ adds a pull down menu on the lock screen allowing simple toggles for Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and Hotspot. The third interesting concept we found is a little far fetched, however, there would be nothing holding me back for installing it if it was actually a reality. This next concept is quite different from the last one as it is very simplistic allowing users to slide up on the notification center to toggle do not disturb mode.

via JBN

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