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Take a look What's new and interesting on Cydia this week.

1. Better Switcher Position – FREE

Better Switcher Position is a simple jailbreak tweak that switches the position of the rotation lock button and the music button found in the app switcher. The idea behind the tweaks is that it more closely aligns the volume control slider found in the app switcher, with the music button.

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2. Tempus - $1.99

Tempus is a new jailbreak tweak that improves the way iOS lets us control our music library from our lock screen. Providing us with our full music library on our lock screen, more intuitive music controls, and a bonus brightness slider, Tempus is a must-have for anyone that listens to a lot of music on their iOS device. Tempus can be used from the lock screen, so there’s no need to even unlock your device to find all the music you want to play, and it supports music filtering too. Tempus uses swipe gestures for operating its various features and it integrates nicely into the lock screen. Check it out!

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3. Reminders+ – FREE

Reminders+ is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows you to pin any of your reminders from the Reminders application on your lock screen so that they’re always in your face. Normally, reminders are very quiet in iOS, only showing up in the Notification Center and not alerting you until you’ve asked to be alerted. However, the best way to be reminded of things is to constantly have them in sight. Since we visit our lock screens more often than Notification Center, Reminders+ is a great way to remember things. You can add reminders manually by holding down on them from the Reminders application and adding them to your bulletin.

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4. Carnitine – FREE

Carnitine is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows for application-based Wi-Fi enabling. If your Wi-Fi is disabled, Carnitine will allow you to automatically re-enable Wi-Fi when the application you open requires it. This makes it easy to re-enable your Wi-Fi when you have it turned off without having to exit the application you just opened and going into Settings to re-enable Wi-Fi. Carnitine remembers your setting so that if you ever turn off Wi-Fi in the future, and open the application that needs Wi-Fi again, Wi-Fi will automatically re-enable itself so that the application requiring Wi-Fi can do what it needs to do.

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5. StatusTab – FREE

If you play a lot of games on your iPhone, then you’re probably used to the idea of full screen apps negating the presence of the status bar. If you find that to be annoying, then a new jailbreak tweak entitled StatusTab may interest you. It allows you to sneak a quick peek at the status bar by swiping on the area where the status bar normally resides.

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6. tapUnlock – FREE

If you don’t like the slide to unlock bar on the lock screen, and you’d rather tap to unlock your iOS device, then check out a new free jailbreak tweak in Cydia starting today called tapUnlock by iOS development team Hashbang Productions.

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