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We understand how frustrating it is to browse with your dear iPhone in slow network circumstances, while also being mindful of your data usage. That’s why we’re so excited to launch UC Browser Version 8.9 for iPhone, which provides you with great online video viewing capability and a powerful downloading function which can be used in a much more data efficient way.

This new version can reduce data costs by up to 90% with advanced compression technology by our Cloud servers, which reshapes your mobile browsing experience.

Here’s what we’ve have added to make UC Browser for iPhone ever better: 

Watch Offline
Ever come across an online video and it’s so great you want to keep it? We’ve made this possible! With this new version users can cache online videos, then watch it later on your phone without an internet connection. Say goodbye to slow video loading in bad network environments.

Cloud Download
Are you in a difficult position of balancing your favorite downloads, having limited phone storage and using an unstable network? Our powerful Cloud Download helps you out of this bind! Using your UC ID to log in, the Cloud Download makes it possible for you to download extremely large files onto the Cloud server fast, and it doesn’t use any data usage from your phone. You can then can export download files later on your phone with a faster and more stable network connection, such as WiFi. It’s a smart way to reduce your traffic costs.


What’s more, UC Browser can be your smart download manager.  Improvements added: Download in the Background and File Format Detection.

Shake to change theme
Find it cool to shake your iPhone to switch the currently playing song? You can do more with shaking in this version of UC Browser. With a shake, you can change to night-mode, to day-mode or to change to a totally new skin. Shake to make your browser different any time with over 20 different skin choices.

UC UC Browser for iPhone
UC Browser with the NEW LOGO is still a popular and fast web browser that aims at providing users with the ultimate browsing experience.Download and enjoy great features including Multi-Touch Gestures, Download & File Manager, Incognito (Private) Browsing, an RSS Reader and Multi-Language Support etc.

Enjoy a new and improved experience with this version! Check out our site and also tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter, we’d like to hear your feedback.


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