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If you’re a user of the Reminders application that was introduced to iOS in iOS 5, then you might want to want to take a peek at a new free jailbreak tweak available in Cydia today dubbed Reminders+ by iOS developer Qusic.

Normally, when you set a reminder, you will see a constant display of that reminder in your Notification Center. The reminder won’t appear on your lock screen until it’s time to be reminded. But what good is that? – We don't normally open Notification Center too often. The lock screen, on the other hand, we see very often because we have to unlock our device in between text messages, Facebooking, and other important smartphone stuff.

Reminders+ makes it so that the reminders you save in the Reminders application can be constantly displayed on your lock screen, so you’ll constantly be reminded of the reminder even before iOS reminds you. This is good because you can be prepared for the reminder instead of simply improvising for the event that you wanted to be reminded of as soon as it's time to perform the event.

Even better is that the Reminders won’t automatically be placed on the lock screen, so you won’t have to worry about privacy issues because you can set the ones you want on the lock screen yourself. To do this, head over the Reminders application after Reminders+ has been installed and hold down on one of your reminders to reveal the “Add Bulletin” button as shown below:

The ones that you choose to tap the “Add Bulletin” button for will appear on your lock screen. The reminders that you don’t follow this step for will remain in the Reminders application and Notification Center, but not the lock screen.

Reminders+ does a good job of keeping your mind on your Reminders during normal iOS use. The appearance of the Reminders on your lock screen looks very native too. Reminders+ has no options to configure.

Reminders+ can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss Repository in Cydia.


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