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We have posted an iOS 7 notification center concept before, it's more useful and efficiency than current iOS 6, With the time fies, it is plausible that Apple may be working on quite a lot of changes for its upcoming release, iOS 7.

A designer and YouTuber called BlogB13, is known for creating other concepts in the past, has put together a follow-up video of what he expects the Notification Center in the next version of iOS to/should look like. The video depicts an updated Notification Center with a more cleaner UI this time that again, as shown in the previous video, collapses all of the notifications into icons: tapping on these icons will bring up all of the notifications associated with a particular app. From there, Notification Center gives a list of possible actions, such as responding to a text or giving a call back.

This concept also depicts third-party widgets, which have been long awaited in iOS. A couple of years ago, with the release of iOS 5 which saw the first iteration of Notification Center, Apple shipped a few built-in widgets, including Weather and Stocks. It has never since, however, allowed developers to create their own widgets, leaving this for the jailbreak community to figure out. The concept depicts Twitter and Instagram functioning perfectly, leaving iOS power users like myself crossing our fingers hoping that Apple finally allows for third-party widgets with iOS 7.

Check out the concept for yourself in the video below:

Traditionally, Apple introduces major upgrades to its mobile operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place in June of each year: this is when iOS 6 was introduced last year, and iOS 5 the year before that. While we likely won’t hear much from the fruit company until then, it is a widely known fact that a future release is planned and already in the works.

Until then, the tech community is free to speculate and designers free to apply their creativity into what they wish to see into iOS 7.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the best concepts what we find around the web. This is shaping up to be an exciting year for iOS users, let’s only hope that Apple doesn’t let us down.

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