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Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is the latest instalment in Square Enix's popular RPG series, but it turns out out of our speculation. All The Bravest is an all-new pixel-art celebration of the entire FF series, it brings together classic FF characters and enemies from down the years, totally a retro-flavoured battler.

Due to the shift in focus from adventuring and exploration to stage-driven combat in Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, you can pit large groups of familiar heroes against baddies and bosses. In one screenshot for the game, 16 warriors - including FF VII icon Cloud Strife and FF VI heroine Terra - are shown taking on a single boss in a ruckus of epic proportions.

As you might hope, the soundtrack for Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is a veritable jukebox of fan-favourite tunes. In total, the soundtrack features over 30 tracks from the series.

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FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST—A pick-up-and-go RPG with massive battles!

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