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You know when we grown up, we get better games, better graphics, better sounds, better actions, but some times we just can't stop miss those classic old games. Those old-fashioned graphics always instantly transport us back in time to when 4 or 8 bits seemed like more than enough.

Here are seven modern iOS games that use old-fashioned graphics and sound design, as opposed to old games that have been ported to iOS. Check them out, and hope you would enjoy them.

7.Super Jump World Plus

Super Jump World Plus is just a Super Mario with another skin! Instead of playing as Mario, in Super Jump World you control a coin-collecting leprechaun. Mushrooms are replaced by four-leaf clovers, pipes are tree stumps, goombas are slugs, koopa troopas are snails, and bullet bills are bees. And instead of Mario's tight controls, this game has floaty physics and buttons that sometimes get stuck.


Super Jump World is a jump'n'run game which was inspired by a 2D classic game.

 Help the main character Lep to jump and run through the beautiful worlds of Super Jump World. Be careful! There are many angry monsters. They want to stop Lep in each world. If you collect a cloverleaf little Lep grows up to a bigger one. But you are not secure with big Lep. An angry bee could hit him and he gets back to little Lep. An easy and smooth control makes it very funny and to jump or run.

 *** Features ***

 + 20 incredible levels
 + 4 different themes
 + wonderful graphics
 + 8 challenging enemies
 + Game Center with some tricky achievements
 + Game Center with four awesome leaderboards
 + Retina support


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