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Hacks are really awesome! after the legal Siri porting is made, you can now even change the color of Siri Mic. Of course we are talking about it on non-iPhone 4S devices. Pick a color of Siri you like now!

Ok, first thing you need to keep in mind, is that only the iPod Touch 3/4, and the iPhone3GS/4works for this method. Why? Because the only way that you can customize Siri, its through jailbreaking. If you are using an iPhone 4S, you might bneed to wait, until a jailbreak its released. Although, if you own an   iPod Touch 3/4, or an iPhone3GS/4, you will need a Siri Server Proxy, which you will need to buy.

1) Enter Cydia —>Manage—>Resources—> Edit—>Add (video instruction Below)

2)Enter:  repo.technetec.com

3) Tap on the TechNetec repo, and select the mic color you want.

4) Tap on install. (foun on the right top)

5) This will reboot, if you didnt have WinterBoard. If you had it, it will say “Return to Cydia”.

6)After you install, Open WinterBoard.

7) Select on Themes. And select the preferred Siri color.

You can click TechNetec for more infomations.

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