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Webcam is very useful to let you connect your friends or family, thanks to this, you can use your iPhone as a webcam without having to jailbreak your device. Turning your iPhone into a webcam is simple and easy these days.

You’ll need a few things to do this.

iPhone (obviously)

An iPhone webcam app:

EpocCam by Kinoni Download

or PocketCam Download

or iWebcamera Download

Desktop Client of Corresponding Webcam App

A Mac/PC

Here’s how to use iPhone as webcam on your Windows or Mac:

Download the webcam app on your iPhone

 Choose the right webcam app that you feel would be nice. Also, before you choose the app, make sure the app has corresponding software for PC/Mac (whichever system you run).

Now, download the respective software on your Mac/PC.

After you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, go to the app’s website to download the corresponding webcam client for your PC or Mac. Then run that software. This will install the required drivers that will help identify your iPhone as a webcam.

Run the app on your iPhone

Start the app on your iPhone. After this, align the iPhone’s camera as per your need. Head back to your system and (depending on the software you choose), you might need to start the software program once.

Test the webcam

Finally, open the program of your choice (Skype, Live Messenger, Google+ Hangout, Gtalk) etc. to see if the video works. In case of problems, make sure you’ve set up the desktop program correctly. Also note that you’ll need an active Wifi network on your iPhone and on your desktop. Most apps require you to have the same network on both the devices.

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