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Folks over Gameonohio are lucky enough to get the information from Gameloft for its new year game: Blitz Brigade on CES 2013.

Blitz Brigade, (seems original name is 'War Boys') which is set in a WWII setting, but with a cartoon graphical look that resembles Team Fortress 2. In fact, the game is very similar to TF2 in other ways including classes such as sniper, engineer, a heavy and so on. The multiplayer will also be across the Gameloft LIVE! network. There will also be a single-player mode, but instead of a campaign, it will consist more of challenges where you have to complete a task and earn a rating based on how well you do it. It sounds like replay value for single-player will come from the desire to try and get the best rating. Expect Blitz Brigade to become available for iOS and Android sometime early in 2013.

We will keep you updated.

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