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There are a whole slew of styluses for the iPad and the iPhone on the market, from the rubber-tipped variety like the Cosmonaut to the plastic-tipped kind like the Adonis Jot Pro.

Tech Tips, which are being shown off at CES this year, claim to be more accurate and easy to use than all of those “conventional” styluses, though the company isn’t going to be winning any style awards.

As you can see, Tech Tips are designed to fit right on your fingertip, like a futuristic nail. Tech Tips labels these fingertip devices as “precision styluses,” but I’d like to point out that on a capacitive screen, no stylus is more accurate than another because capacitive screens don’t allow for pinpoint accuracy.

What Tech Tips does accurately advertise is its smaller design, allowing for improved visualization of touch screen devices. Because the tip is thin and rectangular instead of a rubber nib, it allows for greater visibility when used on a touch screen.

Tech Tips can be used over gloves, which makes them perfect for cold weather, but the one size fits all design may prove to be problematic for some users. A small fingertip stylus like this is also harder to keep track of, so you might want to buy a few. Bonus: Stick them on all your fingers for some creepy witch-like nails.

For more information on Tech Tips, visit the Tech Tips website and check out the video below to see how they work.


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