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Apple was one of the first companies to push Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology into their personal computer lineup. Apple sells their own Thunderbolt cables so that you can attach any Thunderbolt accessories that you might have to your Mac to take advantage of the lightning-fast 10-Gb/s transfer speeds that Thunderbolt has to offer.

Usually $49 apiece, these two-meter long Thunderbolt cables are far from cheap. Apple today, however, reduced the price of these Thunderbolt cables by $10 as 9to5Mac reports. Apple is now selling the two-meter long Thunderbolt cables for $39 apiece, which should help a little bit in terms of affordability.

Additionally, Apple is making available a shorter version of the Thunderbolt cable, at half of a meter long, for $29. This even cheaper cable is a quarter of the length of the original cable and will be perfect for household use on the computer desk. The longer cable had reach in mind and the extra length would help in commercial environments more so than household environments.

While the price of the Thunderbolt cables may have gone down slightly, the cost of Thunderbolt accessories continues to be pretty high. Thunderbolt still has a long way to go before it reaches any practical mainstream


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