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Rochard is a well-received 3D action gameby developer Recoil Games. Powered by Unity 3D, it's have been released to PC and PS3 and now Recoil Games has just announced to released it to iOS and Android.

The icon leaked by NVIDIA to demo Tegra 4

This game has a stylish cartoon, with the powerful 3D engine, its explosion and smoke effects looks pretty nice. The main weapon you gonna use is a gravity weapon. All the props in the scene can be adsorbed. You can drop props, and even control the parabola.

"P.S. Meanwhile, we’ve been developing a self-funded iOS/Android game since late January, 2012. More about that soon!"

Recoil Games revealed 'Rochard' for iOS and Android will be available in Q2 of the year. We will keep you updated.


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