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Apple makes its product like a close system, and doesn't let people to open or change it, and that works for most of us could not open or change the iDevice, but some genius always can, iPhone5Mod just made a translucent mod kit for the iPhone 5, let's have a look:

If you are already sick of the scratches and fingerprint on the back of your iPhone 5, we present you the Translucent mod kit. The body is scratch-proof and anti-fingerprint with highly visible see-through panels which made everything inside the powerful Apple iPhone 5 visible from the outside.

The mod kit is so precise that very single small parts are being made to the finest. Not only the Back Panel is made transparent but the sim card slot, mute switch button, power button, and even the Lightning port slot is made transparent too! The translucent mod kit is made of highly durable plastic with a little bit of elasticity hence it can withstand strong collision and bending during installation.

What's Parts Are Included:
● 1 x Translucent Back Body Panel
● 7 x Transparent Top/Bottom Parts of different colors (Limited Time Offer)
● 1 x Transparent Sim Card Slot (same color as body panel)
● 1 x Transparent Mute switch button (same color as body panel)
● 1 x Transparent Power button (same color as body panel)
● 1 x Transparent Lightning port slot (same color as body panel)
● 1 x Camera Lens Cover (same quality as original)
● 1 x Flash Glass Cover (same quality as original)
● 1 x Flash Metal Cover (same quality as original)

The kit can be purchased in seven different body colors for $39.90 each or $169 for all seven.



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