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As promised (though never previewed), Gameloft released a significant new update for Order and Chaos Online. While not as game-impacting as the last update (PvP Arena), the “Mendel Rising” update certainly brings some great new content to the top MMORPG on iOS.

The biggest new content in the game is the addition of the Mendel, the first new race in OnC since its initial release. These small, pastel-colored creatures are considered “neutral” in the Order and Chaos mythos (though in-game this doesn’t mean much). Like all the OnC races, they can be of any class and can mingle freely with all other races.

Along with the Mendel comes a great new starting zone. The underground Mendel Village is nicely designed and a welcome change for people who have leveled multiple characters before. It offers a handful of new quests before shuttling Mendel PCs into Silence to pick up in the standard leveling progression.

The other big addition this update is another dungeon. Called Eidolon’s Horizon, it’s located right next to The Suspended City, and as you can see from the screenshot, it isn’t much to look at from the surface.

Inside, the dungeon continues Gameloft’s apparent (though maybe not intentional) design of “faux leveling,” making each dungeon harder than the last so that you need to not only be Level 60, but geared to a certain level in order to survive. Early impressions are that the first boss, Healique, is the hardest. If you’re lucky, you might get a new epic drop for your troubles.

There are other minor changes as well.

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