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We told you that a new touch-friendly version of popular XBLA side-scrolling racer Joe Danger would be making its way to the iPhone and iPad "real soon". And now developer Hello Games has just confirmed to website CVG that its colourful motorbike game will slide onto the App Store this month.

According to Hello Games's Sean Murray, Joe Danger Touch isn't a port. In fact, it's an iOS-exclusive follow-up to the two excellent Joe Danger titles found on PSN and XBLA.

That means new stages and fresh characters.

"I don't think Joe Danger Touch feels like anything else I've played. I want it to feel like it could only work on iOS, because we've built it specifically for the device," Sean Murray, said.

"Playtesters keep telling me it's a nice blend of their other favorite games on iPhone - Bike Baron, Jetpack Joyride, and Rayman Jungle Run," he continued.

"Usually that would really wind me up, but I kind of see it as a compliment here, that Joe Danger feels at home on iOS, and is being compared to some of the best games on the device."

Joe Danger Touch will be packed with several popular (and unpopular) iOS features, including Game Center and in-app purchases.

Again, Joe Danger Touch will crash onto the iPhone and iPad some time this month.


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