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Aoineko Studios had launched a Kickstarter project for their upcoming episodic 3D sci-fi RPG Kitaru. Created by award winning Ben Steele of “Fragile Machine” fame, the game promises a mix of RPG classics with post modern storytelling, ingenious humor, and entertaining pop culture. The game is powered Unity3D engine and mainly released to iOS & Android, and to be compatible with both the PC and Mac.

“We are excited to offer the first episodic mobile game of its kind. The quality of the graphics and the environments found within Kitaru is at a level not yet achieved on these platforms. This game is being built differently, as hardcore gamers want to see, rather than for studio executives that are looking for easy and safe marketing.”

In addition to progress in cast, rapid advancement has also been made with the game. The main focus right now for the development team is building and configuring the pre-alpha custom battle systems. These new active time battle systems will allow players to shuffle their moves in an action queue, thus keeping the pressure on opponents at all times, while also requiring strategy to manage time and resources. The team is also designing new game levels and terrains, where the key characters will explore a wide range of urban, natural and industrial landscapes, such as decaying cities, deserted wastelands, and heavily guarded industrial complexes.

Game features include:

- Rich, multilayered narrative gaming experience never before seen on mobile devices.

- Enormous world full of colorful, eccentric characters whose lives evolve over years.

- Classic RPG gameplay aimed at hardcore fans of the genre.

- Stunning, original art and music over five years in the making.


It's really a great game! If Kickstarter success in fund-raising, it's still gonna take about one year to finish the game. You can support the project on Kickstarter here.



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