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2010 was a great year for the games industry of the AppStore, and in 2011 they expect other new games more advanced. In this article we will see the 10 most anticipated games that are coming upon arrival at the AppStore.

For many of these games do not have all the necessary information or release dates certain, we can only wait to see them and present them in the AppStore as soon as possible.

Dead Space – EA Mobile


In January comes the new hit from Electronic Arts Mobile, Dead Space. It will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with an intense third-person action. Will take an aggressive approach and experience of free play.  In fact, you can wander around the landscape and explore every single aspect.

 We will have a very high level of detail of the landscape and the fighting will be very likely.There is no doubt that Dead Space will be a huge success, and is one of the most anticipated games of 2011.

StarFront: Collision - Gameloft StarFront: Collision - Gameloft

 StarFront: Collision is the magnificent new creation of Gameloft. All requirements for a good game of strategy are met by this new way of Gameloft: Intuitive touch controls, a wide range of facilities and equipment to build different campaigns for single player and great multiplayer support.

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